Platinum Jubilee Celebrations - July 2022

This was a very successful evening, the weather was perfect, the field was a perfect setting and about 250 people attended, including many families with children. The children had much fun joining in the activities, penalty shoot-out, cricket nets, bouncy castle and enjoyed the ice cream.

The events were arranged and run by Cllrs Trefor Fisher and Andy Halliday with the help of Cllr Pater Morrison. The Bouncy castle was managed to perfection by Joan Farnese, who’s impressive skills proved to be essential in managing the constant flow of eager children. The BBQ was provided and run by the Sonning Scouts who were kept busy all evening, SCC ran the bar (equally busy) and ice cream was provided and served by the Village hamper. At 9.30 pm prizes were presented to the deserving winners of the penalty shoot outs and cricket.

This was a perfect lead up to the recorded strains of the piper performing the music written specifically for the Queen's Platinum Jubilee. The highlight of the evening was the lighting of the Beacon at 9.45 pm. The flames lit up the evening sky and the tired but happy children formed a circle around the beacon, a memorable scene. which was a joy to behold. The Parish Council wishes to thank all those who attended and all those who contributed to making the evening such a memorable success.