About The Council

The civil parish of Sonning lies within the Borough of Wokingham.

Responsibilities are split between the Parish and Borough Councils, with the Parish Council looking after local interests.

Council Aims & Objectives What we are hoping to achieve in the short term and over the next few years.
Your Councillors Photos of the councillors and clerk who currently make up the Parish Council, together with their personal statements.
Your Borough Councillor Councillor Michael Firmager
Member of Parliament Theresa May MP
Policies & Procedures Documentation which informs how the Council acts.
Annual Accounts Information about SPC's accounts.
Current Vacancies There are two current vacancies.
Becoming a Parish Councillor Why become a Parish Councillor and what to do if you are interested.
Annual Reports Minutes of the Annual Parish Meetings.
Contact the Council How to get in touch with us.

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