Committees & Working Groups

The Parish Council usually meets once a month in the Pavillion at King George V Playing Fields.

Most Council business is carried out between the meetings by the committees and working groups (detailed below) formed from Councillors and co-opted members from the Parish (where appropriate), although actual decisions are made by the full Council.


Full Council Meetings Normally held on the second Tuesday of each month
Planning Meetings Tony Farnese (Chair)
Peter Morrison
Trefor Fisher
Highways Trefor Fisher (Chair)
Andy Halliday
Recreation & Environment Tony Farnese (Chair)
Trefor Fisher
Police & Security Trefor Fisher (Chair)
Technical Services
inc. Allotments & Wharf
Tony Farnese (Chair)
Trefor Fisher
Website Management Peter Morrison
Lesley Bates (Clerk)
Jeremy Gilmore (co-opted)

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