Police, Neighbourhood Update & Community Speed Watch

Sonning Local Police Team

In terms of local policing in Sonning, our local support team is made up of the following:

  • PC Giles Murphy - Neighbourhood Officer
  • Jason Stavely - Community Support Officer
  • Jackie Daniels - Community Support Officer
  • Christine Seal - Neighbourhood Watch Administrator

To support their efforts and aid in communicating with the residents of Sonning, the Thames Valley Alert system is an extremely useful vehicle.

Thames Valley Police believe that by improving the flow of information between the community and its police, we can all make a greater impact in the prevention and detection of crime and anti-social behaviour.

The Thames Valley Alert System site provides an invitation for you to participate in the exchange of information with Thames Valley Police, Neighbourhood Watch and other community groups. Upon joining you are invited to register to become a registered recipient of messages of information, crime alerts or witness appeals local to the area in which you live or work in a way that suits your needs and lifestyle by email, text or telephone.

As a registered recipient you will not only benefit from two-way messaging but may also learn about those in your community subject of antisocial behaviour orders, help identify suspected or wanted criminals from the Gallery pages or learn about community groups, events or meetings in your area.

Twyford Police Station is open Wednesday 2pm - 6pm and Saturday 9am-1pm and is manned by volunteers. They are there to answer any queries and pass messages to the rest of the team. To view information on your neighbourhood team you can visit the force website at: www.thamesvalley.police.uk.

To learn more please go to www.thamesvalleyalert.co.uk

Twyford Neighbourhood Policing Update for March 2017
From PCSO Jackie Daniels

At last the lighter evenings and warmer weather are finally with us. As lovely as it is for spring/summer to be here it can bring with it an unwanted problem that effects the whole community - anti-social behaviour (ASB).

Last summer we received a high number of ASB reports, particularly around the youth shelter in King Georges Field. We are aware of these issues and have been dealing with those involved however if you do see anything of this nature please report it to us on 101.

Theft From Motor Vehicles

We have seen a rise in thefts from motor vehicles in recent weeks and we would urge residents to report any suspicious activity to the neighbourhood team. If you believe there is a crime in progress, please call 999, otherwise please report it via the non-emergency number 101 to help with ongoing enquiries.

Please help to keep your vehicles safe by following the advice below:

  • Always make sure you lock your car and close your windows - even if you’re away from your vehicle for just a few minutes
  • Never leave your keys in the ignition while your vehicle is unattended - opportunistic thieves will often steal cars that have been left with the engine running to defrost the windows
  • Do not leave anything on display in your vehicle – take all your valuables with you
  • Never think leaving items in the boot is safe – someone could have seen you put them in there


The team cover a very large area which includes 10 schools and we endeavor to patrol as many of these to make sure everyone is safe and parking legally.

We have had numerous complaints regarding commuter parking in many residential roads in the vicinity of Twyford Train Station. As some of you may have seen, we have been issuing Fixed Penalty Notices in and around Station Road and Station Terrace. In just one day PCSO Jessica Howells issued 16 Fixed Penalty Notices. Wokingham Borough Council are now in the process of taking responsibility back for parking issues and this will be completed by the end of the year.

What the Neighbourhood Team Have Been Doing

PC Chris Harrison has been the driving force behind three very successful speed/mobile phone/seatbelt enforcement days where the team have been joined by our colleagues from Wokingham & Crowthorne Neighbourhood Teams as well as Roads Policing Officers.

In addition to numerous tickets issued for these offences, two vehicles were also seized for having no insurance and no tax.

On 1 March 2017 new legislation came into effect for those found using a handheld mobile phone while driving. Previously, this offence had attracted three penalty points and £100 fine. This has now increased to six points and £200 and newly qualified drivers will lose their licence if they are caught using a mobile phone behind the wheel.

Holiday Time

It’s the time of year when people are planning to go on holiday and with all the excitement that comes with this, home security might not be top of your list of priorities.

Please can we ask you to have a good look around your home and garden to see if your security is up to date and to give yourself time to make any adjustments before you go away.

Contact Us

If you want any advice or would like to contact the neighbourhood team you can call us on the police non emergency number 101. If your call is an emergency then dial 999.

You can also contact us via email: Twyfordnhpt@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk – please note this email address cannot be used to contact Thames Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters.

If you have information about crime or anti social behaviour in your area but you do not want to speak to the police, please call Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555111.

Access further information on the Twyford Neighbourhood part of the Thames Valley Police website.

Community Speed Watch

We are currently looking at getting a team of The Community SpeedWatch (CSW) Scheme, which has been developed by the police and local highways, to work with local communities to help reduce speeding through communities. In simple terms, CSW works by having neighbourhood volunteers manning a roadside speed device from which the volunteers can record a vehicle’s speed. The registration details of those vehicles recorded as speeding are noted. A ‘police volunteer’ will attend a local police station and obtain owner details from the Police National Computer. Details are then entered onto the TVP standalone SpeedWatch database – where it will initially automatically produce a warning letter, with repeat offenders being identified to Roads Policing for targeting.

To learn more please go to www.communityspeedwatch.co.uk