Alex Evans

I have lived in Sonning for over 20 years after returning from living In the States for 15 years and came to Sonning as I married a local girl, who wanted to return home. All of our children attended Sonning School and have gone on to make their parents very proud.

I have worked in the global software industry as a senior executive for over 30 years but left that behind after getting my second degree in Chinese Medicine. I am now trying my very best to help people with this wonderful approach to healing. With this philosophy in mind it seemed logical that I would want to help the community I live in, hence I asked to become a parish councillor, with a focus on safety & security.

My hobbies range from being a science fiction/fantasy geek to martial arts, specifically Kendo (Japanese Sword Fighting) & Tai Chi and any 70's Progressive Rock music, go Led Zep. I like walking around Sonning a lot and hopefully you may see me, please stop me & say Hello, It would make my day :).

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